Hi there :) So my friend, my sister, and I are guard nerds and decided to create this blog. Submit glorious guard moments and guard problems are welcome. Enjoy :D

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Yes Jaime! Stoneman Douglas 2007.

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New toss I learned sloppy af (Taken with Cinemagram)

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but i mean well yea i do go to gghs 

24 January, 2014

Anonymous said: are you from garden grove high school???


24 January, 2014

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I feel like color guard is the most underestimated thing ever like people just see us as the girls that go out during halftime at football games with the marching band and twirl flags in the air but DO YOU SERIOUSLY UNDERSTAND HOW PHYSICALLY DEMANDING IT IS?!?! WE ARE NOT WANNABE CHEERLEADERS OK BYE

its like not only do you have to learn how to play the sport/art and develop technique and endurance like all the other sports but you have to be cautious of your feet, face, tempo, be cautious of where you march, memorize every single set, know where you are at every beat of the song. its really a loT of memorization and brain power. geez dont foget trying to look graceful a’f or fierce and jesus christ dont let the flying objects land on your face 

28 July, 2013

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